Fish Habitat

Where are our fish and how are they doing?

Understanding where our fish are located and how well they are doing are both essential for prioritizing our watershed programs. We want to work on fish habitat where it is most needed and where we know (from a scientific perspective) we will have the greatest benefit for our fish. 

Though these two questions may seem basic, you may be surprised to hear that we do not have a solid understanding of our local fish populations and their habitat. This lack of knowledge is a top priority data gap for our community and partner organizations to address in our service area. Without comprehensive fish population and habitat data, our community faces a particular challenge in identifying where an investment will actually have the greatest impact for our fish on a watershed-wide geographic scale.

Click the links below to learn about our projects designed to help us better understand the status of our fish populations and how we may best prioritize our work to serve the needs of our fish: