Mission & History

GYWC Mission 

Improving our Watershed through Voluntary Partnerships and Community-Based Solutions

The Greater Yamhill Watershed Council (GYWC) is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to helping our local community be stewards of the lands and waters in the Yamhill and Chehalem Valleys (the Greater Yamhill Watershed or GYW). 

Map of Greater Yamhill Watershed (GYW)

All of our projects are based on voluntary, collaborative partnerships.

We do not use litigation, lobbying, enforcement, or compliance to achieve our mission.

GYWC History

County Steering Committee

In February 1995, the Board of Commissioners for Polk and Yamhill Counties ordered (Board Order 95-100the creation of the Greater Yamhill Watershed Council, (known then as the Yamhill Basin Council or YBC). At this time, the GYWC was organized as a County Steering Committee tasked with identifying priority natural resource concerns in the Yamhill River Watershed, and developing a roadmap of strategic actions that would improve Water Quality, Water Supply, Fish and Wildlife, and Land Stewardship (1996 Action Plan).

Fiscal Sponsorship & Hiring Our First Staff 

After completion of the 1996 Action Plan, the Yamhill Soil & Water Conservation District (Yamhill SWCD) became the GYWC's fiscal sponsor and the GYWC hired its first Executive Director (known then as a Council Coordinator).

Non-Profit Incorporation

In 2011, with assistance from the YSWCD, the GYWC formally incorporated as a tax-exempt, 501c3 non-profit and fully transitioned its operations to the newly formed organization.


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