Working in partnership with a diverse cross-section of local stakeholders, the GYWC serves critical roles within our community, including:
  • Convener and facilitator of stakeholder collaborations
  • Grant proposal development and grant writing
  • Project development and project management
  • Technical assistance provider and resource hub


Watershed Programs

Our keystone watershed programs are focused on: 1) Habitat restoration; 2) Habitat monitoring; and 3) Community engagement.

To find out more about the projects under each of these programs, click the titles above to access the program pages.

Some of our projects are easily categorized into just one of these three keystone programs, while others intersect with all three.


Strategic Focus

The number, diversity, and severity of natural resource concerns and issues that could be addressed in our service area are beyond the capacity of local natural resource organizations to address.

Because available resources are finite (and vary over time), we focus our programs on priorities that we believe we can show measurable progress in addressing over the short-term and the long-term.

Currently, our strategic plans center around instream habitat, streamside (riparian) habitat, and upland oak & prairie habitats.