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Watershed Education Adventures (WEA)

Watershed Education Adventures (WEA) specializes in creating intimate relationships with nature. We encourage curiosity and creativity as well as getting dirty and having fun while learning about the wonders of nature.

We believe strongly that we are teaching the leaders and community members of the future, and that exposing them to nature as much as possible will help them make more informed decisions and become conciencious citizens.

While WEA focuses primarily on educating children, we welcome people of all ages to join us in our adventures and explorations. Come out and play with us!


Current Programs

  • Day camps for children ages 5-12
  • Guided walks and hikes for all ages

  • Outdoor and classroom science programs

  • Service learning opportunities

  • Teacher Trainings

  • STEM enrichment program for grades 3-5

  • STEM enrichment with leadership development and service learning for grades 6-12


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    Who We Are

    WEA is led by Theresa Crain and Neyssa Hays, local natural resource specialists who bring more than 30 years experience working with children in classroom and outdoor settings. Theresa holds a degree in Natural Resource Interpretation from Humboldt State University and a professional background as a state parks interpreter. Neyssa holds a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences from Oregon State University and has worked in the natural resources field as a park ranger, naturalist, and fisheries biologist assistant.  

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