Partners - Tribal Governments

  • CTGR is a regional leader in conserving lands and waters in Western Oregon, including tribal reservation and trust lands, authorized hunting and fishing areas, and ceded lands. Our watershed is important to the CTGR as their tribal reservation lands are located in the Upper South Yamhill River and Willamina Creek sub-watersheds

  • The CTGR is one of the few groups monitoring salmonid and lamprey populations locally and across the Willamette Valley. They are also one of only a handful of groups pursuing long-term protections for large parcels with existing high-quality habitat.

  • CTGR’s Spirit Mountain Community Fund provides grants to non-profits and public agencies with environmental and humanitarian programs.

  • Yamhill River Watershed Fish Passage Barrier Inventory and Restoration Action Plan (2013). The CTGR recently partnered with the BLM and GYWC to complete a multi-year inventory, assessment, and prioritization of fish passage barrier culverts in three drainages of the Yamhill River Watershed. Thank you CTGR, we could not have done this project without your support and leadership!

  • Learn more about their work in our local watersheds:

  • CTWS is actively engaged in the Greater Yamhill Watershed, including protecting critical upland habitats through Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA's) Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program (WWMP).
  • Red Hills Conservation Area (2013). CTWS recently acquired the Red Hills Conservation area, a high-quality large oak/fir woodland near the Trappist Abbey’s conservation oak/fir forest. The CTWS will protect and improve this forest for generations. In the future, this property may be opened to the public for hiking, but not just yet. Thank you CTWS for partnering with our local landowners to protect the long-term health of our watershed!