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Starting in 2013, we have worked with community volunteers and landowners to help us monitor priority local fish populations by conducting volunteer-led spawning surveys. Surveys can be conducted on the ground walking in and along the creek, by driving in a vehicle and surveying from road-crossings or tops of streambanks, or by floating in a kayak or other small maneuverable craft.

The timing of our spawning surveys depends on the fish species being studied:

  • Mar – May, Winter Steelhead Trout (Listed as locally native and endangered)
  • Oct – Dec, Coho salmon (Listed as locally non-native, but naturalized; considered endangered downstream of Oregon City)
  • In the future, we hope to conduct Feb – Apr spawning surveys for lamprey -- Pacific (sea-run) and Brook (resident) (Listed as locally native, and threatened)

These spawning surveys are part of an ongoing, long-term monitoring program lead by the GYWC Volunteers & Staff (in partnership with ODFW) to help us better understand where our local fish are located and how well they are doing. This data is used by our community stakeholders and partners primarily for prioritizing watershed health programs/projects, as well as for grant proposal development, and streamside landowner engagement.

We look forward to the spawning survey seasons every year. The interactions with volunteers and landowners are impactful and help facilitate strong partnerships. The smiling faces of surveyors finding live fish and examining carcasses are super rewarding. And the data is incredibly valuable for local conservation work being conducted by us and our community partners.


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